The SBMU Virology Research Center (VRC) was established due to the importance of viral infections and an academic outlook towards virology; and also due to the appearance and prevalence of recurrent and neo-current viral agents recently seen around the globe (such as SARS, Avian Flu, etc.).

Moreover, due to the needs of the SBMU Massih Daneshvari Educational, Research, and Treatment Hospital (National Research Institute for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, NRITKD) as the specialized center for the treatment of lung diseases, and also as one of the few transplantation centers around the country, the SBMU NRITLD Virology Research Center (VRC) was approved in the Spring 2009 in order to target the other aspects of the viral diseases (not just the usual diagnostic molecular aspects of the viruses and viral diseases) including the respiratory viruses, opportunistic viral infections, and blood-borne viruses.  

In addition to rendering services on the diagnostic molecular aspects, the SBMU NRITLD VRC scrutinizes on a wide spectra of viral diseases and the interactions with each other.